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Put over three decades of building material, document development, meeting management, and model building code experience to work for your organization!

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M Gardner Services, LLC (MGS)

MGS provides building code monitoring, standard or document development, meeting management, and project assistance services to consultants, trade associations, and private businesses.

The MGS forte is monitoring the complex model building code and standard development processes for clients.  Serving as an information resource and concierge, MGS can assist you with managing and researching code and standard activity; work with you to navigate the building material evaluation process; and help you better understand the organizations and individuals that operate in the code and standard arenas. MGS has a broad generalist background in building materials, with a specialization in gypsum board (drywall) and associated products.

​MGS also can manage meetings as an impartial facilitator, lead and organize projects, and assist with document management and development. It can function as the primary contact with your work group or operate in the background to provide assistance when a project becomes overwhelming for you or your staff.

Michael A. Gardner

Before establishing MGS, Michael was Executive Vice President of Compliance Programs for the International Code Council (ICC) where he oversaw the operation of three subsidiaries focused on building material evaluation, accreditation, and certification: ICC Evaluation Service, LLC; International Accreditation Service; and Solar Rating and Certification Corporation.

Prior to his tenure at ICC, he served as the Executive Director and CEO of the Gypsum Association, the international trade association representing the interests of the North American manufacturers of gypsum board (drywall). As Executive Director, Michael directed industry efforts in a variety of areas including the model code, standards development, and government relations arenas.

Michael has a strong background in the gypsum board industry. For most of the 1980s, he held sales, estimating, and management positions with large interior subcontracting firms. In the early 1990s. he served as an architectural and technical marketing representative for a major gypsum board manufacturer. In 1993, he began a career in association management when he served as the technical expert for an international member-services organization representing large drywall and plastering contractors. Then it was on to the Gypsum Association where Michael coordinated industry efforts in model code development and industry promotion prior to becoming CEO in 2003.

In twenty-five years of association management, Michael has represented a variety of member-service organizations and trade associations. He has been the Executive or Organizing Director of two different trade associations, has coordinated the start-up of an organization, managed an educational foundation, and served on numerous boards and committees.

His model code background includes experience as a participant in the model code process and as a representative of the ICC. He has experience with a variety of materials and methods and understands the building material evaluation process and marketplace from both the manufacturing and the product evaluation perspective.

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Code and Standard Monitoring is our forte

The model code and standards development process creates an abundance of information. Want to know what’s going on but not ready to fully commit to participation? Curious as to whether your interests are impacted by model code and standards activity? Contact us to get you the information you need and to be your eyes and ears on the process. We can tailor a simple, cost-effective plan to meet your needs and advise on the best steps to take if you want to engage further.

A history in Gypsum Board

Call it drywall, plasterboard, or gypsum board, it’s ubiquitous and it’s a big industry. Want to know more about it? Excited about a new product or service that might fit the industry? Need representation in a standards development process or looking for information on how model codes might be impacting your product or material? Let us be your industry concierge and help you find the specific assistance you need. Take advantage of our industry experience and numerous contacts.

We can assist Consultants and Associations

You’re a model code, building material, or related consultant with too many things to do and not enough time to do them. Contact us to be your “overflow” help. We can manage meetings, attend meetings, perform project management tasks, help monitor a standards development project, and generally ease the workload. We can assist the association community with the same tasks.

Anything Else

Like what you see but not sure if we fit your needs? Contact us and if our background doesn’t mesh with your needs, we will help you find the resource that can assist you.

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